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Residential Team


The UPP Residential Team is comprised of five members of all different ages, occupations, and experience levels. We all have different unique backgrounds with some sensitives and mediums in the group. Through years of working together the team has gelled and has become more experienced in everything from investigating technique, to breaking of attachments, cleansing locations, and teaching others how to protect themselves.

With over fifty years of combined experience investigating, researching, and documenting the paranormal, as well as three hundred plus investigations under our belts, we are well versed in working with the paranormal.

We typically start the process with a phone interview and if the location warrants our attention we work on a minimum of two meetings at the location with our clients. The first meeting is usually a fact finding interview and a baseline walk through of the location. We will look for physical problems that could be causing issues, such as EMF from electrical systems, mold, and other non paranormal issues. With our sensitives and mediums we get a feel for your location. If you are comfortable with us at this point, and we are comfortable with you, we put together a plan to eliminate the issues you are having and set up a time to come back and do a full investigation of your residence.

During the investigation we will try to hone down on exactly what is causing your issues. Once determined the resident is given recommendations and choices of how we proceed.

Our goal is to put the peace and calm back into your home.